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At the end of the visit, we will offer you a stop at our store, where to acquire salt, of course, a souvenir ... or a cold drink.

In addition, you can get our famous and unique "Salt Boats". One of the traditional trades linked to the salt industry is the creation of the famous salt ships.

This process, completely handmade, involves a lot of work and requires skill.

The assembly of a salt ship, consists first of all in forming the structure of the ship by means of pieces of wood and covering it with a very fine cotton cloth. Once the structure is assembled, when the lagoon is crystallizing, we proceed to what is known as “the curdle of the ships” which consists in introducing the ship into the brine, so that the salt crystals adhere to the structure. Once set, they are removed from the brine and placed in glass urns, ready for contemplation.

Flor de Sal

In our store you can purchase different items as a souvenir of your visit to the Salinas: Salt flower, spiced sea salt, fine and coarse salt.

The Salt Flower is produced by the temperature contrast between day and night, and forms a kind of telo on the surface of the rafts. It is a high value product since it is not produced every day.

Every morning, first thing, it is checked if Flor de Sal has been produced and if so, it is collected.

This process is totally handmade. The salt is introduced in the rafts and by means of a hooligan, it is collecting the salt that is suspended on the surface. It is then stored to let it dry and after a manual process of removal of impurities is packaged for direct consumption. The salt obtained is a pure and high-taste organic product